Guinea-Bissau: Portugal’s support of five million euros is the “largest to date”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guinea-Bissau, Suzi Barbosa, said on Tuesday that the five million Euros given by Portugal to the Guinean State Budget is the largest direct support “to date”.
“It is an unprecedented achievement for the sectors of education, health, and strengthening of the democratic system,” said Suzi Barbosa.
The minister said in a message sent to Lusa that this is the “largest direct support to the State Budget given by Portugal to Guinea-Bissau to date.”
The Portuguese government has announced support of five million for the State Budget of Guinea-Bissau. The memorandum was signed Monday in Lisbon by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Francisco André; the vice president of Cames-Institute for Cooperation and Language, Cristina Moniz; and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guinea-Bissau, Suzi Barbosa.
“This extraordinary support of 5 million euros was granted at the request of the Guinean authorities to cope with the worsening of the international economic and financial situation,” the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.