Mozambique is best placed to promote dialogue between Russia and Ukraine

“We are on the side of those who want to force a dialogue,” Filipe Nyusi said, declaring that because of its neutrality, Mozambique is “in a better position to give an opinion.”
The Mozambican head of state, Filipe Nyusi, argued Wednesday in Finland that Mozambique is in the “best position” to promote dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, reiterating that the African country is “against war,” despite its position of neutrality.
“We are on the side of those who want to force that there be a dialogue, and in the opportunities we have to talk with Ukraine and Russia, we reinforce this position. Both countries cooperate and work with Mozambique, and therefore we are in a better position to give an opinion,” Filipe Nyusi said.
The Mozambican President was speaking in Helsinki during a press conference and alongside the Finnish head of state, Sauli Niinistö, with whom he met on Wednesday as part of the working visit he has been making to Finland since Tuesday.
Nyusi reiterated that Mozambique does not agree with violence and the position of neutrality that the country has chosen aims to open space for dialogue based on trust, although he admitted that the impact of the war is already being felt in Africa and in Mozambique.
“We want to be in a situation of encouraging dialogue, but we could not do that if we had taken a position,” stressed Filipe Nyusi, adding that Mozambique believes that its international partners respected its decision.
Filipe Nyusi’s visit to Finland will last four days and, in addition to meetings with his Finnish counterpart, the Mozambican head of state will visit economic enterprises and also participate in a business seminar.
Since 2003, Finland, which was also among the traditional donors of the State Budget (OE) of Mozambique, annually contributes nine million euros to the joint fund of the Government and donors that supports the development of education in Mozambique, according to official data from the Finnish embassy in Maputo.

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