EU, Mozambique launch €812 M initiative to support youths

The European Union (EU) and the Government of Mozambique have launched an initiative to support the education and emancipation of young Mozambicans, a project worth about 812 million euros.

“I am very happy that it is an initiative for young people”, after all, these “are the factors of innovation” in the country and “their empowerment is a priority for us,” said Antonino Maggiore, the European Union ambassador to Mozambique.

The diplomat was speaking in Maputo, during the launch of the initiative, implemented by Team Europe.

The initiative, called e-Juventude, aims to support young Mozambicans to achieve their full potential so that they can be leaders in the socio-economic transformation of the country through a strategy based on three E’s: “Education, Employment and Empowerment”.

The program covers the entire country, with a focus on the provinces of Maputo, Cabo Delgado, Sofala, Nampula and Inhambane, and also aims to invest in vocational training, employment, self-employment and sexual and reproductive health of young people in Mozambique.

In addition to e-Juventude, Team Europe has also launched the “Green Pact for Mozambique” initiative which will, amongst other things, support the Mozambican government to protect and restore the country’s natural capital.

“These are joint projects for the future” and it is a “commitment we have to future generations,” the EU ambassador to Mozambique said.

The permanent secretary of the Earth and Environment, Emilia Fumo, thanked the EU for the initiatives and said it is “open doors” for the exchange of experiences.

Team Europe consists of the European Union, member states and their diplomatic network, their financial institutions and implementing bodies, the European Investment Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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