Angolan navigation workers suspend strike after agreement with employers

The Independent National Union of Aviation and Airport Workers (SNITAA) decided on Wednesday to “temporarily suspend” the strike of ENNA workers, which began at 00:00, after signing a compromise agreement with the employers.
The SNITAA, in a statement, said that the decision to temporarily suspend the strike, effective from 14:00 Wednesday, resulted from the intervention of the Ministry of Transport that guided the signing of a compromise agreement.
The compromise agreement between the union and the board of directors of the National Air Navigation Company (ENNA) aims at the “immediate satisfaction of one of the points of the specifications and the definition of a schedule for the negotiation and/or resolution of the others”.
Better working conditions, salaries, career progression, training and medical assistance are part of the demands submitted to the administration of the public company in May 2022, whose non-satisfaction led to the strike called for an “indefinite period” and now suspended.
The secretary general of the SNITAA, Anastácio Afonso, confirmed to media the beginning of the strike and said that the strike covered the operational services of the institution, but also admitting the suspension of the strike.