Covid-19: Cape Verde spent 8.2 M Euro on response projects until November 2022

The Cape Verdean state has spent until November 901 million escudos (8.2 million euros) on projects of direct or indirect response to Covid-19, just over 60% of the total budgeted for 2022, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.
According to data from the budget execution report from January to November the Cape Verdean Treasury funded 56.8% of these expenditures, with the remainder supported by loans (38.7%) and donations (4.5%).
The Cape Verdean government has registered for these programs to be executed in 2022 a total amount of 1,475.5 million escudos (13.4 million euros), but only 61.1% was used by November.
Among the projects executed until November are actions to prevent and combat disease, with 401.5 million escudos (3.6 million euros), and the implementation of social inclusion income, with 288.3 million escudos (2.6 million euros), but also in the program “School without Covid”, the strengthening of the health sector in the fight against the pandemic and the guarantee of care for dependent people.
Cape Verde has no restrictions in place, except for the use of masks in health units, and since November has not recorded any deaths associated with Covid-19.
According to Ministry of Health data, there are seven active cases of Covid-19 in Cape Verde today, and since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, there have been 412 deaths from complications associated with the disease, among a total of 63,207 positive cases detected.

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