Mozambican Government approves the definitive amounts of the single wage table

The Mozambican government on Tuesday approved the definitive remuneration amounts for state employees under the Single Wage Scale (TSU), establishing the value of 8,758 meticais (127 euros) as the minimum wage in public service.
“With this approval, the minimum wage of the civil service will increase from 4,689 meticais (68 euros) to 8,758 meticais, registering a positive evolution of 87 percent,” Inocêncio Impissa, deputy minister of State Administration and Civil Service, told the media after a Council of Ministers meeting in Maputo.
In addition to the minimum wage, which corresponds to auxiliaries, agents and workers, in the new salary scale for the Mozambican civil service a specialist will go from the current 24,882 meticals (361 euros) to 60,758 meticais (882 euros), while a senior technician (N1) will go from 17,539 meticais (254 euros) to 37,758 meticais (548 euros).
Higher technicians (N2) and professional technicians go from 13.565 meticais (196 euros) to 24.358 meticais (353 euros) and 8.531 meticais (123 euros) to 17.758 meticais (257 euros), respectively.
The average technician will go from 7.443 meticais (108 euros) to 14.758 meticais (214 euros), while the assistant technician will earn 10.758 meticais (156 euros), against the 5.531 meticais (80 euros) of the previous table.
“These remunerations refer to entry levels, which means that state employees and agents with more time in service will certainly notice slightly higher remunerations due to time,” explained the deputy minister of State Administration and Civil Service.
The implementation of the new TSU, adopted in the last months of last year, was strongly contested due to “non-conformities” presented by several professional classes in Mozambique, namely judges, teachers and doctors, and they even organized a strike to demand the revision of the process.

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