The privatization of Angola’s airport management company begins in last quarter of 2023

The privatization process of Angola’s Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos (SGA) will begin in the last quarter of this year, after “consolidating the accounts and the profitability strategy” of the company, an official source announced Wednesday, without giving estimates of how much money will be raised.
“We are targeting the start of the privatization process for the fourth quarter of this year because there are a number of preceding actions, namely regarding the accounts and the profitability strategy of each of the airports, that have to be settled before calling the bidders to bid,” said IGAPE president Patrcio Vilar.
The president of the board of directors of the Instituto de Gesto de Ativos e Participaçes do Estado (IGAPE), who was speaking after meeting for almost five hours with SGA management, said that the actions for the privatization of the company “are on the right track.”
According to the official, the monitoring of the public business sector companies and the stage of SGA, the company that manages airports, airfields, and the related ecosystem, which is included in the Privatization Program (ProPriv), were the purposes of the visit to the institution.
“When we are talking about a privatization strategy, we have to include all the issues that will determine the value and the expectation of value of that company, so the meeting with the company took longer,” he justified.
“But we leave here with the certainty that we are on the right track and we are doing a worthy job among several teams,” he stressed.
Vilar also made it known that the actions for the privatization of SGA “have a very great interconnection” with TAAG, the Angolan air carrier, because “airport management is not possible without counting on TAAG’s strategy.”