US funding to Mozambique will need 7,8 ME in preparation

The office preparing the new financing program for Mozambique of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC, US foreign support agency), plans to contract up to $8.6 million (7.8 million euros) in studies and services through September.
The amount should be invested in 14 items, ranging from studies on the potential of the economy based on wildlife, ‘green carbon’ and ‘blue’ projects, to the analysis of the situation of bridges, among others, as explained in a note on the website of the Mozambican Ministry of Economy and Finance.
These are works that should sustain the program that will focus on the development of Zambezia province, in the center of the country.
The memorandum on the scope and objectives of the new ‘compact’ (name given to the funding program) of MCC with Mozambique was signed on January 30 between the Mozambican government and the agency, providing overall funding of US$500 million (453 million euros).
At the time, it was announced that the package could be signed later this year. The funds will be channeled into three areas: transport and connectivity, climate change management, and commercial agriculture.
Mozambique has already benefited from a first MCC funding program, completed in 2013, during which the country received $507 million (€465 million). MCC is a US Government funded agency that provides time-limited grants to developing countries.