Gabon: Incumbent president bids for third term in office

Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon’s incumbent leader, announced Sunday his plans to seek a third term in office in the upcoming elections scheduled for August 26.

The 64-year old leader, who has been in power for almost 14 years, made the announcement in the town of Nkok and indicated that he plans to do better than the 14 years he has already spent at the head of the State, if he is re-elected. “I’m a candidate! Candidate to continue the work, candidate to take Gabon further, much further. I am a candidate to win the economic battle, a candidate to win the battle for work. Candidate to win the battle for change. I know that together, united by God’s will, we will win”, he said.

“What we’ve done here at Nkok and elsewhere in other areas, such as gender equality, the environment and climate, we can still do just as well, if not better, on all subjects. To those who still think it’s impossible, I say impossible has never been and never will be Gabonese”, he added.

His bid has been highly expected since his party, PDG’s Congress, held early April.

Ali Bongo came to power in 2009 following the death of his father Omar Bongo Ondimba. His election was rejected by the opposition but he subsequently won another much rejected election in 2016.

Gabonese will head to polls on August 26 to elect a new leader, parliamentarians and mayors, according to the country’s Elections council (CGE).

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