Mozambique promises to settle salary arrears of Defense Forces by the end of the month

The Mozambican Government on Tuesday August 15 promised to complete the payment of overdue salaries of the Defense and Security Forces by the end of the month, advancing that the pending cases have already been verified.

“All efforts are being made to complete the payment of the Defense and Security Forces’ salary arrears. The amounts are available and the process of transferring the amounts to the employees’ accounts is currently underway,” said Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Amílcar Timane, moments after a meeting of the Council of Ministers in Maputo.

At stake is an order from the Mozambican Head of State, Filipe Nyusi, given on Friday August 11, so that the payment of elements of the Defense and Security Forces, with about two months of salary delay, would be made again by the previous platforms, until the problems of “nonconformity detected” in the application of the new salary table are overcome.

“As long as the platform for special salaries is not yet completed, the remaining members of the security forces should be paid using the previous process, starting Monday. (…) If you were not able to enter those into the database, pay in the previous system. Then, when you are done, get on board,” said Nyusi, speaking at the Presidency of the Republic.

According to previous information from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the delays in the payment of salaries of the Defense and Security Forces are due to registration problems in the new payment system, taking into account the migration to the single system started in June 2023, which was previously done through the ministries of Interior and Defense.

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