Renamo threatens to paralyze Mozambique if a party member is killed

The President of Renamo, the main opposition force in Mozambique, threatened this Saturday August 26 to “stop the country” if a member of that party is killed, days after the mayor of Nampula denounced an alleged assassination attempt.
“If one of Renamo’s members is killed, we will bring this country to a halt. We have that strength,” declared Ossufo Momade, quoted last Saturday by the local media.
At issue is a complaint by the president of the Nampula City Council, Paulo Vahanle, who accused a member of the High Individuals Protection Unit, in plain clothes, of trying to eliminate him during a public event, a version denied by the police, who claim that the agent in question was on duty.
The President of Renamo accuses the ruling Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo) of being involved in the alleged assassination attempt, complaining that he suffered a similar attack a few years ago.
“This is a project by the Frelimo party. Frelimo wants to try to annihilate some members of Renamo (…) I’m going to make an appeal to the Head of State: we need to correct these situations,” said Ossufo Momade, adding that “peace is under threat”. “And it’s a disgrace for the President himself and for Mozambique,” he stressed.
The alleged assassination attempt took place on Tuesday during the celebrations for the 67th anniversary of the city of Nampula, according to the mayor.