Cape Verdean Minister of Communities began official visit to Brazil

The Cape Verdean Minister of Communities, Jorge Santos, began a five-day official visit to Brazil, where he is scheduled to meet with emigrant communities and prepare a gala dedicated to Cape Verde.

The official agenda, until the 14th, “is part of the upcoming Cabo Verde de Sucesso gala, the fourth edition of which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in November,” the Cape Verdean government announced in a statement.

“The main aim of this edition is to recognize the merit of Cape Verdean communities living in North and South America, with a particular focus on Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Canada,” it said.

Jorge Santos will visit Cape Verdean communities living in Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco, and will have official meetings in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Governor and the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, as well as other meetings with emigrants.

The agenda also includes visits to various private institutions, such as the Fluminense University of Rio de Janeiro, where the president will have a working meeting with the respective rector.

The Cabo Verde de Sucesso gala has already had three editions, recalls the Ministry of Communities, in the USA (2017), Portugal (2018) and Senegal (2019).