DR Congo: 15 soldiers killed in combats with militiamen near Angolan border

At least 15 soldiers of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been killed in some fighting with Mobondo militiamen in a village of Kwango province near the border with Angola, Anadolu news agency reports, citing an official source.

Adelard Nkis, the spokesman of Kwango province government made the announcement Monday September 18 adding that the militiamen also lost three men. The fighting occurred on Sunday, between the villages of Kabuba and Batshongo.

Nkis did not provide causes of the showdown. Local populations around the village have fled the area for fear of subsequent confrontations. The official however called on the central government to restore peace and provide support to the local populations.

Mobondo militia was birthed in 2022 from a land dispute between Yaka and Teke communities in Kwamouth province. The feud expanded to Kwango and Central Kwango provinces.