King Mohammed VI commemorates Eid Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi at a religious ceremony in Rabat

King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, presided over a religious ceremony on Wednesday evening at the Hassan Mosque in Rabat, in commemoration of Eid Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi Acharif.

During this religious ceremony that was marked by the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and panegyrics of the Prophet Sidna Mohammed, the Sovereign was accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, Prince Moulay Rachid, Prince Moulay Ahmed, and Prince Moulay Ismail.

On this occasion, the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, presented the report on the activities of the Supreme Council and the Local Councils of Ulemas, before handing over the report to the Sovereign.

In his address, the minister noted that the scholars are aware of the action taken by the King, Amir Al-Mouminine, to provide them with the necessary conditions to fulfil their mission. He mentioned that the latest manifestation of this royal attention is the support provided this year to the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council of Ulemas, the establishment of Regional Councils of Scholars, and the increase in the number of members of the Local Councils of Scholars.

Toufiq also assured that the scholars, through their main task of “Tabligh” or communication, are working to establish a sound methodology based on their rich experience.

Subsequently, the King awarded the Mohammed VI Prize for Islamic Thought and Studies (Merit and Tribute) to Mr. Ibrahim Id Ibrahim from the city of Agadir.

This prize is awarded annually to reward eminent scientific personalities and encourage them to conduct research in the field of Islamic studies, in accordance with the teachings of the noble Sharia, which advocates the pursuit of knowledge and encourages its beneficial use.

The King was then greeted by Hamza Sabou from the city of Tangier, who received the International Mohammed VI Prize for Memorization, Recitation, and Exegesis of the Holy Quran from the hands of the Sovereign.

The Sovereign also presented the International Mohammed VI Prize for Quranic Recitation with Memorization of five Hizbs to Omar Ben Abdelaziz El Baridi from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The King also awarded the Mohammed VI Prize for Moroccan Calligraphic Art (Tribute) to Mrs. Saida El Kayal from Casablanca and the Mohammed VI Prize for Excellence in Moroccan Calligraphic Art to Mr. Khalid Essbissi from the city of Taroudant.

The Sovereign then presented the Mohammed VI Prize for Moroccan Decorative Art on Paper (Tribute) to Mohcine El Gharnati from the city of Chefchaouen and the Mohammed VI Prize for Moroccan Decorative Art on Paper (Excellence) to Mrs. Safae Laftih from the city of Casablanca.

The King also awarded the Mohammed VI Prize for Arabic Lettrism [Al Horoufia] (Tribute) to Lahcen Farsaoui from the city of Marrakech and the Mohammed VI Prize for Arabic Lettrism [Al Horoufia] (Excellence) to Mrs. Asmae Ait Oukhti from the city of Salé.

The King was greeted by the jury members of the Mohammed VI Prize for Islamic Thought and Studies.

The celebration of this religious event by King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, is in line with the tradition observed by his illustrious ancestors, who consistently commemorated the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger of Mercy, their Ancestor, the Prophet Sidna Mohammed, Peace and Blessings be upon Him.

This anniversary marks the emergence of the lights of guidance for humanity, thanks to the message carried by the Seal of the Prophets, to spread the highest virtues and values of justice, and to recommend good deeds so that all human beings can live in peace and harmony.

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