Angola invested 464,000 euros to help municipalities set budget priorities

Márcio Daniel, who closed the ceremony to launch the forum to collect contributions for the preparation of the administrations’ budget for the 2024 General State Budget (OGE), stressed that there is still “a long way to go” towards participatory democracy, “but firm and courageous, bold and disruptive steps have been taken” in this direction.
This initiative by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, in partnership with Action for Rural Development and the Environment (ADRA) and the Angolan Institute for Electoral Systems and Democracy (IASED), aims to ensure that the projects considered to be priorities by the residents, previously identified and duly analyzed, are included in the budgets of the administrations in the 2024 financial year.
According to Márcio Daniel, the executive has made efforts to strengthen citizens’ confidence “in what is the foundation of the state’s intentions, when it invites citizens to get involved in these processes”.
The Angolan government official said that the program had been drawn up taking into account the specificities of the country, avoiding “normative solutions cooked up in the West by tailors whose experiences have nothing to do with the Angolan reality”, and the same applies to its practical implementation.

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