Cape Verde: Union suspends strike of domestic flights pilots

The Union that represents domestic flight pilots in Cape Verde has suspended the strike that had been scheduled to take place from Tuesday to Thursday this week, Amílcar Neves, union leader, told media on Sunday October 22.

Meeting on Friday October 20, “the pilots decided to suspend the strike and give the company until December 1st to comply with the points agreed upon,” explained the permanent Secretary of the Transport, Telecommunications, Hotel and Tourism Union (SITTHUR). The decision was communicated to the General Directorate of Labor on Friday.

The company’s 15 pilots hope that public holidays will be paid by December (retroactive until the beginning of the year) and that allowances will be paid in a timely manner.

According to the same source, until November 15th, they are waiting for a plan to activate license insurance, although admitting that the desired conditions do not only depend on the company, but also on the insurer.
They also hope to benefit from transport facilities and want to keep negotiations for a salary increase open.


Américo Borges, general director of Bestfly, declared that “an understanding was reached, but the pilots’ concerns will continue to be discussed.” “We always want the best for all workers, as long as the company’s conditions allow it. ”