US State Department maintains no engagement with Polisario separatists

The US state Department said ambassador to Algiers Aubin has made no bilateral engagement with the Polisario separatist militias in their rear base in Tindouf, Algeria.

The statement was made by Mathew Miller, the department’s spokesman, who discredited reports by Algerian media spreading fake news on Aubin’s visit to Tindouf, where scores of Sahraouis are being held in the Polisario-run camps in Algeria.

“Ambassador Aubin and a broad range of international donors participated in a UN-organized visit to Tindouf, Algeria. The United States is the largest contributor worldwide to international humanitarian efforts, including through our support for the vital work of UN agencies in Tindouf,” he said

“There was no bilateral engagement with the Polisario during this UN donor visit,” he added.

The US has in 2020 recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara territory and kept describing its autonomy plan as “serious and credible.”

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