China pledges to continue supporting Togo’s sovereignty, security, development interests

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has vowed Beijing’s continued support for Togo’s sovereignty, security and development interests in a meeting with his Togolese counterpart and host Robert Dussey in capital Lome on Wednesday 17.

W. Yi chose Togo as the third stop of his African tour this year, after visiting Egypt and Tunisia.

Dussey welcomed Yi’s visit and expressed Togo’s adherence to the one-China principle. The Togolese top diplomat also indicated that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory. For Yi, genuine friends support each other in times of need. The Chinese top official also indicated that both countries will collaboratively preserve the principle of non-interference in internal affairs as a fundamental standard governing international relations.

Yi’s African tour which will wind up with Côte d’Ivoire is in line with a Chinese tradition that Foreign Ministers choose Africa as the destination for their first overseas trip of the year.

China holds Africa close to its global interests. For Yi’s department, such a long tradition demonstrates Beijing’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with the continent.