Tragic Ritual Poisonings Claim Lives in Angola

In a shocking series of events, forty-five individuals have succumbed to ritual poisonings in the central Angolan province of Bié. The fatalities occurred between December 2023 and February 2024, as confirmed by local authorities this Monday.

The president of the Muinha commune, Luzia Filemone, expressed grave concerns over these deadly practices that persist within certain communities. According to Filemone, these rituals are often conducted to resolve familial disputes or to seek justice for deaths under suspicious circumstances.

In a disturbing revelation, Filemone detailed the process where accused individuals are forced to ingest ‘Mbulungo’, a herbal concoction, by presumed healers. This practice, intended to prove guilt, frequently results in death by poisoning.

The most recent tragedy struck the community of Ombala de Tchonga in February, where a group of twelve people ingested the toxic substance. Three of them tragically passed away on the same day.

In response to these alarming incidents, Filemone reported that local authorities have initiated numerous awareness campaigns. These efforts aim to educate the communities on the dangers of such practices. Despite these initiatives, many families continue to resist, highlighting the challenges faced in eradicating these perilous rituals.

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