US Denounces Zimbabwe’s Deportation of Aid Workers

The US has accused Zimbabwe of mistreating, detaining, and deporting its citizens who were in the country as aid workers.

USAID stated that government officials and contractors were intimidated verbally and physically while supporting civic engagement, democratic institutions, and human rights. They criticized Zimbabwe’s commitment to democratic reform as hollow. Zimbabwean officials have not responded to these allegations.

The US recently imposed fresh sanctions on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other officials for corruption and human rights abuses. A spokesperson for Mnangagwa condemned the sanctions as hostile and accused the US of slander. USAID Administrator Samantha Power reported incidents of aid workers being detained overnight, interrogated, and having their electronics seized. She emphasized a pattern of harassment towards US citizens over the past two years. A State Department spokesman affirmed the aid team’s legal admission to support Zimbabwe’s democratic reform efforts, which Power deemed insincere. She pledged continued support for civil society, human rights defenders, and independent media in Zimbabwe, warning of further measures against those obstructing basic freedoms and governance.

USAID’s mission in Zimbabwe focuses on strengthening healthcare, security, economic resilience, and democratic governance.