Algeria: Independence of Kabylia Republic to be announced April 20 in New York

After decades of bloody Algerian military occupation, the 10-million Kabyle people, living in Northern Algeria, deserve to have their independent State of their own.

Time has finally come for the Kabyle to take their destiny into their own hands and proclaim their own republic. The official announcement will be made on April 20 in New York by Ferhat Mehenni, President of the Provisional Kabyle Govt. in Exile and leader of Kabylia Self-Determination Movement (MAK).

In his latest historic speech broadcast on social media networks, Mr. Mehenni reaffirmed the Kabyle people’s attachment to their independence and rejection of the Algerian authorities’ control, recalling in this regard the boycott of the Kabyle of the Algerian presidential and legislative elections.

The Kabyle people have chosen a peaceful approach to achieve their independence, rejecting any intention of engaging in war, underlined Mr. Mehenni.

An independent Kabyle Republic had existed decades before the creation of Algeria. It is a geo-historical reality, with its own territory and culture. It was in 1857, 20 years after the decree creating Algeria that Kabylia was annexed. After decolonization and forced cohabitation, the Kabyle people continue to rise up against the Algerian military regime, and struggle for their own independence.

The choice of the date and venue for the announcement of an Independence Kabylia is not fortuitous. The Kabyle people still remember the “Berber Spring”, referring to the popular demonstrations of 20 April 1980 which were brutally crushed by the Algerian authorities and ended in bloodshed.

April 20 also reminds the Kabyle people of the “Black Spring” of 2001 during which hundreds of militants were slaughtered by Algerian authorities at pro-democracy rally.

Furthermore, Ferhat Mehenni has chosen New York, symbol of freedom, as a platform for the proclamation of the Independence of Kabylia Republic, suggesting a support from the free world.