Morocco’s OCP launches new customized soil nutrient subsidiary

OCP has officially launched Nutricrops, a new subsidiary that is tailored to accelerate the group’s customized fertilizers production.

The new subsidiary will build on OCP’s expertise in phosphates-based fertilizers to produce soil nutrients that preserve soil health, increase crop yields sustainably, counter climate change and protect the natural environment, OCP said in a statement.

“OCP Nutricrops’ flexible production system enables the manufacture of nutrients tailored to the crop, climate and soil,” it said.

Last year, fertilizers made up 66% of OCP’s revenue, as the group continues to enhance its production capacity.

“OCP Nutricrops is committed to working collaboratively with farmers and all our stakeholders to accelerate the journey towards the fully customized and farmer-centric solutions required to drive a just agricultural transition,” Nutricrops CEO Soufiane El Kassi was reported in the statement as saying

In addition to its in-house dedicated teams of agronomists, OCP Nutricrops draws on the expertise of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and its international partners, leveraging the latest technological advances and the most accurate agricultural data, OCP said.