Floods Cause Widespread Destruction in East Africa, with Burundi Bearing the Brunt

Deadly floods are devastating many parts of East Africa due to heavy rainfall, prompting Burundi to seek international aid. Lake Tanganyika’s rising waters have submerged Bujumbura’s port, disrupting the economy and essential services reliant on external support.

Interior Minister Martin Niteretse implored development partners to assist those affected, as flooding has displaced over 98,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes and classrooms. Burundi, among the world’s poorest nations, heavily relies on agriculture, employing 80% of its 13 million citizens.

Climate change exacerbates flooding, compounded by inadequate land-use planning. Overflowing rivers, like the Kanyosha, have inundated Bujumbura, trapping residents and causing extensive property damage.

In Kenya, floods have claimed 35 lives and affected over 100,000 people since mid-March. Nairobi’s residential areas and highways are submerged, with warnings issued by the government to avoid flooded areas. Western Kenya faced mudslides, while a near-disaster occurred when a passenger bus was swept away by floodwaters in the north, with all passengers rescued.

These crises highlight the urgent need for climate-resilient infrastructure and disaster preparedness across the region. International cooperation and support are crucial for mitigating the impacts of extreme weather events and building resilience in vulnerable communities. As climate patterns continue to evolve, proactive measures and collaborative efforts are essential for protecting lives and livelihoods in East Africa and beyond.

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