Kenya Issues Flood Evacuation Orders Amid Dam Overflow Warnings

The Kenyan government has instructed residents living near 178 dams and reservoirs to evacuate due to ongoing heavy rains. The interior ministry has issued a warning, stating that these water bodies are either full or nearing capacity, posing a significant risk to nearby inhabitants. Those residing within a 30-meter wetland corridor of the Nairobi River are given a 24-hour evacuation notice starting from 18:30 local time on Thursday.

Recent torrential rains have led to severe flooding and landslides across Kenya and Tanzania, resulting in numerous casualties. The situation is expected to deteriorate further with the forecasted Cyclone Hidaya, particularly affecting the coastal region and Nairobi. The interior ministry emphasized the urgency of evacuations, citing fully saturated soils nationwide.

Evacuations are scheduled to commence at 06:00 on Friday, with temporary shelters and essentials arranged for evacuees. Areas near the Nairobi Dam and Titanic Dam are included in the evacuation, with plans to remove buildings within the Nairobi River wetland area. The extent of the evacuation’s impact remains uncertain.

The government’s response to the natural disaster has drawn criticism, but President William Ruto’s office assured a comprehensive approach is underway. The cabinet pledged to implement measures addressing climate change and its effects, acknowledging climate change as a significant factor behind the extreme weather events, influenced notably by the Indian Ocean Dipole.

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