UN Honors DR Congo Mission’s Justice Officer with Trailblazer Award

Established in 2022, the award celebrates the extraordinary achievements of female justice and corrections officers from Member States globally, who defy gender norms and surmount obstacles. Major Ahlem Douzi, in an interview with UN News, expressed deep gratitude for the recognition, noting its significance for both herself and Tunisia. She sees it as a catalyst for further advancement and aspires to shoulder greater responsibilities.

Receiving the award at the UN Secretariat in New York, Major Douzi conveyed in a post-ceremony video the essence of being a trailblazer, stressing the importance of dismantling systematic barriers such as stereotypes and gender discrimination hindering women’s full participation in peace operations.

In her dialogue with UN News, Major Douzi delineated her daily responsibilities, including offering advanced technical support for investigations and combating impunity in attacks against UN peacekeepers, notably recent incidents in North Kivu. As the lone woman in Goma’s Justice Support section, she confronts unique challenges but perceives them as opportunities to challenge gender norms and exhibit women’s capabilities.

Major Douzi underscores the importance of women’s inclusion across all sectors for sustainable peace. She takes pride in being the first female armaments and ammunition expert in the Prosecution Support Cell and the sole female expert collaborating with Congolese military authorities. As an advocate for women peacekeepers, she encourages them to pursue meaningful contributions and aims to inspire future generations of female role models.

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