Opportunities Arise for Rise Mzansi Party in South Africa’s Close Election

The leader of Rise Mzansi, a new political party in South Africa, sees the upcoming election as a significant opportunity amidst the most competitive political landscape since the country’s transition to democracy. With predictions indicating a potential loss of majority by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) for the first time since apartheid, smaller parties like Rise Mzansi could play pivotal roles as coalition partners or kingmakers.

Songezo Zibi, the 48-year-old founder of Rise Mzansi, aims to capitalize on this political shift, advocating for innovative deals and enhanced parliamentary oversight. Zibi envisions a successful outcome for his party as securing 5% of the vote, translating to 20 seats in the national parliament. While not dismissing the possibility of coalition formation, Zibi emphasizes Rise Mzansi’s commitment to integrity, refusing to align with corrupt entities.

Highlighting the potential for strategic collaboration, Zibi proposes leveraging influence in oversight committees to drive impactful change, even without holding government positions. Rise Mzansi remains open to cooperative efforts with other parties to advance legislative agendas on a case-by-case basis.

Zibi’s approach emphasizes grassroots-driven policymaking, attracting support from disenfranchised demographics, particularly young people and women. The party’s localized objectives include ensuring universal access to clean water and addressing energy challenges through the widespread adoption of solar energy solutions.

Zibi identifies power shortages, inadequate infrastructure, and corruption as key obstacles to growth in South Africa. He believes the country can stimulate economic development, attract investment, reduce debt, and improve public services by addressing these issues. Through its pragmatic and community-focused agenda, Rise Mzansi seeks to embody the aspirations of South Africans for positive change.