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Nigeria : Eruption of violence throughout the country

Nigeria is waking up in shock, the day after a “black Tuesday”, a “bloody Tuesday”, as the newspapers headlined, marked by an eruption of violence throughout the country and particularly in the megalopolis of Lagos. In this large city, the security forces brutally dispersed young people who were demonstrating against police violence, causing several deaths […]

South Africa: President Ramaphosa warns against racial hatred after murder of a white farmer

The murder rekindled racial tensions and incidents last week. On Monday morning, Head of State Cyril Ramaphosa warned: “This incident shows how easily the inferno of racial hatred can be rekindled.’’ Ten days ago, a young white farmer, aged 22, was murdered. Brendin Horn’s body was found tied to a pole at his farm in […]

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South Africa: Government will lease 700,000 hectares of farmland to black farmers

The program is scheduled to start next week, October 15, 2020 and lands that belong to the South African state are to be leased to black farmers. Two objectives: extend agriculture and correct racial inequalities. In a country where the land is majority owned by whites, yet a minority, President Cyril Ramaposa’s goal is to […]

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South-African News Website Underlines Morocco’s Role in Facilitating Libyan Dialogue

South-African news website ‘Independent Online’ highlighted the role played by Morocco in facilitating the Libyan Dialogue. In an article published Sunday under the title “Libyan Dialogue Leads to Comprehensive Agreements”, the South-African media outlet underlines that the delegations of the Libyan High Council of State and the Tobruk Parliament jointly announced on Thursday that they […]

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Four traffickers arrested in Zimbabwe in possession of thirty-two chimpanzee specimens from southeastern DRC

Thirty-two live chimpanzee specimens from southeastern DRC were seized in Zimbabwe on Tuesday. They were headed to South Africa. According to the Congolese Environment Ministry, four traffickers, three Congolese and one Malawian, are under arrest in Zimbabwe. For the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature, ICCN, this trade in protected animals is a threat […]

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South Africa : George Bizos, Nelson Mandela’s lawyer died at the age of 92

Human rights lawyer and anti-apartheid fighter George Bizos died in South Africa on Wednesday, September 9 at the age of 92. He was the lawyer and close friend of Nelson Mandela, and also defended the great figures of the ANC. He had retired a few years ago, but he left his mark on the political […]

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South Africa ruling ANC lambasts Trump over remarks on iconic Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party Tuesday chastised US President Donald Trump for alleged disparaging remarks “staining” the late President Nelson Mandela, Anadolu News agency reports. Trump has become target of the South African governing political power, after his personal lawyer Michael Cohen in his released ““Disloyal: A Memoir,” indicated that he expressed […]

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Coronavirus: South African economy highly affected

It is a figure that confirms South Africa’s difficulties. In the second quarter of this year, gross domestic product collapsed by 51%. This is unprecedented in the history of the continent’s most developed economy. Although activity has been picking up since June, it remains an unprecedented crisis with a recession for the whole year estimated […]

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South Africa: Health workers protest against their working conditions amidst pandemic

About a hundred health workers gathered Thursday in front of the presidential buildings in Pretoria to demand better working conditions and a pay increase. They regret that the government is not paying more attention to their demands, despite the fact that they have been at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic in a country that […]

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Terrorist threat in Mozambique: SADC holds a virtual summit today on the issue

Southern African heads of state are meeting in a virtual summit on Monday 17 August. At the centre of their concerns: the terrorist threat in Mozambique. On Wednesday, jihadists seized the port of Mocimboa da Praia, strategic for the immense liquefied natural gas (LNG) project of the region, one of the biggest investments in Africa, […]

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