Sudan Village Massacre: Over 150 Civilians Feared Dead, RSF Accused

In a tragic turn of events, at least 150 people are believed to have lost their lives in a massacre that took place in Wad al-Nourah, a village in Sudan’s Gezira state. The Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary group engaged in a 13-month-long battle with the Sudanese army for control of the country, has been accused of carrying out the attack.

Although the RSF has not addressed the accusations directly, they claimed to have attacked two army positions on Thursday. Social media footage from local activists showed the grim aftermath of the raid, with numerous bodies shrouded in white, ready for burial.

The exact circumstances surrounding the killings remain unclear, with reports suggesting that the village was targeted twice by RSF fighters on Wednesday. Hafiz Mohamad, a representative from the prominent human rights organization Justice Africa Sudan, informed the BBC that many people are still unaccounted for. However, he noted that determining an accurate death toll is challenging due to the continued presence of RSF members in the area, who are allegedly looting.

Sudan’s military government has called for international condemnation of the attack. The RSF took control of Gezira state in December and has been accused of numerous abuses against civilians, which they deny.

The conflict between the RSF and the military, which began in April 2023 when the two generals leading the factions fell out, has claimed over 15,000 lives and sparked the world’s largest displacement crisis. UN agencies warn that millions face a hunger catastrophe, with up to five million people at risk of famine.


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