From Sitcom Star to Statesman: Malawi’s New Vice-President Takes Office

In a surprising turn of events, Malawi’s renowned comedian and actor, Micheal Usi, has been sworn in as the country’s new vice president. The 55-year-old, better known by his stage name “Manganya,” replaces Saulos Chilima, who tragically died in a recent plane crash.

Usi’s appointment has stirred mixed reactions among Malawians. While some question his suitability for such a high office, others praise President Chakwera for honoring the alliance between their parties. At his inauguration, Usi promised to uphold his predecessor’s legacy and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

The new vice president brings a unique background to his role. With over two decades in entertainment, Usi is a familiar face on Malawian television. However, his resume extends beyond comedy. He holds a Ph.D. in youth development and has worked extensively in the healthcare and humanitarian sectors.

Usi’s journey into politics began seven years ago when he founded a political movement, which later merged with the UTM party. Despite initial skepticism due to his prankster reputation, Usi proved his political ambitions were genuine.

As he steps into office, Usi faces the challenge of uniting his party, with some members noticeably absent from his inauguration. He acknowledged this divide, pledging to bring the party together and honor Chilima’s legacy.

This unconventional appointment marks a new chapter in Malawi’s political landscape, blending entertainment with statesmanship in an unprecedented way.