Ethiopian PM Meets Sudan’s Military Chief Amid Ongoing Conflict

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s meeting with Sudan’s armed forces chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan marks a significant diplomatic effort to address the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The high-level talks in Port Sudan aim to foster peace and security in a region destabilized by fighting between the military and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The conflict, which began in April 2023, has created a humanitarian crisis, displacing millions and exacerbating food insecurity. The United Nations reports that an estimated 10 million people have been forcibly displaced, with over 755,000 facing catastrophic levels of hunger across ten states.

Al-Burhan briefed Ahmed on alleged RSF atrocities, framing the conflict as a rebellion against state institutions. Both sides face accusations of war crimes from international observers. The meeting occurs amid reports of potential talks in Uganda, offering a diplomatic lifeline to Sudan’s military leadership.

Sudan’s military has largely avoided East African mediation efforts, accusing regional leaders of bias towards the RSF. Al-Burhan’s recent statements highlight a growing division between perceived allies and enemies of the Sudanese state.

As the humanitarian situation worsens, with millions fleeing to neighboring countries, the international community watches closely. The outcome of these talks could be crucial in shaping regional stability and addressing the dire humanitarian needs of Sudan’s population.