Togo: Japan to supports a food program with 1.3 Bln FCFA

0,,16052950_303,00The Japanese government has offered a cargo of rice estimated at 1.3 billion FCFA to support Food program in Togo. The signing ceremony has occurred between the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and business Manager of the Japanese Embassy in Togo, Yukuo Murata.

This assistance is part of the commitments made by the Japanese government during the 5th International Conference of food for the development of Africa. It has just lengthened the multifaceted aid list of the Japanese government has been bringing to Togo since 2008 and is estimated to date to 13.8 billion FCFA.

“These are projects that can directly be used to improve the life of the Togolese. We are currently finalizing the development of the fishing port of Lomé, the construction of two bridges at the Benin border, “said Yukuo Murata.

In 2014, Japan has provided rice food aid to the vulnerable populations throughout the territory which purpose is to bring a return on capital.

According to Togolese authorities, with this support, food will be sold at affordable prices and the funds which will be collected will be used to fund social projects.”

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