Algeria: Avril to launch € 20 M animal nutritional unit

unnamedThe leading player in the French vegetable oil and protein industry, Avril group, will open next June a unit of animal nutrition in Algeria in association with the Algerian industrial company Semoulerie Mitidja (SIM) which is holding 51% stake in the production unit.

The infrastructure has required an investment of 20 million Euros.

“If we want to grow, we cannot stay in Europe. The logic is to go to countries where there is growth and where we can grow into industry,” said Jean-Philippe Puig, Avril CEO.

With this new investment, Avril continues its offensive in North Africa, after the conquest of the Moroccan market. In 2012, the group has invested € 121 million in the acquisition of the company Lesieur Cristal, securing a leading position in the segment of edible oils in the Kingdom.

Despite the 7% decline in activity recorded in fiscal year 2014 that entailed a drop of 6.5 billion Euros, the company is still having its eyes on Africa, where it intends to inject 1.8 billion Euros to finance its expansion. Avril is since January 2015, the new name of the subset that focuses all industrial activities of Ex-Sofiprotéol.

Founded at the initiative of the agricultural world, the Group has a portfolio of strong brands, market leaders, like the brand Lesieur, Puget, Matins, Sanders, Diester, Bunica, Taus and El Kef.

Avril group promotes the activities of researching, marketing, processing, and adding value to oilseed and protein crop productions, while focusing on fairness and solidarity between companies.

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