Uganda: 75% of Police Officers are Corrupt – Survey

A survey released by Uganda Bureau of Statistic (UBOS) this week, ranked the country’s Police Force as the most corrupt government institution at a whopping 75% with relation to bribery, fraud and extortion.

The report titled ‘‘National Service Delivery Survey of 2015” said, “There is need for strengthening enforcement of laws on corruption.”

The result of the nationwide survey, based on 10,101 respondents, deepens the corruption perception of Ugandan police who was in December 2015, ranked as the most corrupt institution in a survey that was conducted by The Afrobarometer in conjunction with Transparency International.

The study that was dubbed People and corruption: Africa Survey 2015 in 36 countries across Africa put the police at 63 per cent. Over 69 per cent of the Ugandan respondents said corruption was generally on the increase.

The Uganda Police Force was named the most corrupt institution in the country in an annual corruption report by the inspectorate of government in collaboration with the Economic Policy Research Center of Makerere University in 2012.

Two years ago, 70 police officers were arrested over numerous felonies that among others involved extortion and bribery.

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