Kabila Meets Nguesso over DRC’s Political Crisis

DR Congo president Joseph Kabila on Monday met with Congo-Brazzaville’s president Denis Sassou Nguesso in his hometown of Oyo, northern Congo, to discuss the tense political situation in DRC.

Local media said the official visit aims at addressing the issues surrounding the political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and particularly in view of the presidential election.

The United Nations Security Council last week expressed concern over the arrest of political opposition members in DRC and urged the president to hold elections by the end of the year as required by the constitution.

The Security Council also voted to renew sanctions on Congo stressing the crucial importance of a peaceful and credible electoral cycle in accordance with the Constitution.

The Congolese government said it is unlikely it will be able to hold elections on time for logistical reasons.

Congo has not had a peaceful transfer of power in its 55 years of independence. Kabila, who took office in 2001, has yet to comment publicly on his political future.

However a top Kabila ally has raised the possibility of a referendum to allow him to run in the next presidential election.

Former Togolese Prime Minister Edem Kodjo is leading Africa Union’s mediation talks between the DRC government and opposition groups.