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Burkina Faso: The country is still waiting for the results of the first round after the ballot

Four days after the double ballot of 22 November 2020, the country is still waiting for the results of the first round. The Electoral Commission continues to compile the results on a commune-by-commune basis. Almost half of the votes cast are already known. For the moment, the results for just over 196 communes out of […]

ECOWAS Court of Justice condemned the Guinean State to pay more than $460,000

On Tuesday 10 November 2020, more than eight years after the events, the ECOWAS Court of Justice condemned the Guinean State to pay more than $460,000 in reparations to the victims. The drama takes place during the night of August 3 to 4, 2012 in the largest unexploited iron deposit in the world: the Simandou […]

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Guinea: A joint UN-AU-ECOWAS mission in Conakry to find a way out of the crisis

A joint UN-AU-Ecowas mission has been in Conakry since Sunday to try to find a way out of the crisis. After meeting on Monday, October 26 with officials of the Electoral Commission, the government, and the diplomatic corps, it went to the home of the opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo. Meanwhile, a precarious calm still reigns […]

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Côte d’Ivoire: The opposition rejected any adjustment of the Electoral commission and maintains its slogan of civil disobedience

On Wednesday, the Ivorian government made a gesture by proposing adjustments to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). On Thursday, October 22, the opposition rejected it and maintained its slogan of civil disobedience. Nine days before the presidential election, Côte d’Ivoire is sinking into a pre-electoral crisis. After a mediation mission of ECOWAS in Abidjan on […]

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Guinea: Alpha Condé is said to be in the lead in four constituencies

The National Independent Electoral Commission began Tuesday evening to announce the results of this Sunday’s presidential election in dribs and drabs. For its part, the UFDG, the main opposition party, which considers itself the win ner according to its own tally, held a press briefing to explain its method and approach. The Commission published on […]

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Côte d’Ivoire: ECOWAS calls opposition parties to reconsider their boycott of the electoral process

The ministerial mission of ECOWAS ended its two-day mission on Monday, October 19. In its final statement, the delegation of the Economic Community of West African States called for restraint but also invited Pascal Affi N’guessan of the FPI and Henri Konan Bedié of the PDCI to reconsider their watchwords of boycott of the electoral […]

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Côte d’Ivoire elections: ECOWAS-AU-UN joint mission in Abidjan

A joint delegation led by ECOWAS and including the African Union and the United Nations is on a visit in Abidjan this October 5 – 6 to consolidate and amplify gains in the ongoing electoral process. At ECOWAS, the visit to Côte d’Ivoire is described as a mission of “preventive diplomacy” in view of the […]

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Burkina Faso: Twenty-three candidates file for the November presidential election

The filing of candidacies for the presidential election of November 22 closed Friday with the National Independent Electoral Commission receiving 23 files. Among the candidates are three women and several independents. The Electoral Commission will publish the official list of candidates for the presidential election on October 10. Heavyweights of politics in Burkina Faso are […]

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Guinea : Alpha Condé assure fair elections on October 18

Representatives of the United Nations, the African Union and West African countries have been on mission in Conakry since Thursday, October 1. They welcomed the assurances of President Alpha Condé, candidate for a controversial third term, for a peaceful election. This visit comes in the midst of the electoral campaign, with the presidential elections scheduled […]

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Mali: The transition charter is published with major amendment on Vice-President’s prerogatives

The charter that will organize the transition for the next 18 months was published on Thursday, October 1 in the Official Gazette. The document takes into account a primordial requirement of ECOWAS on the prerogatives of the transitional vice-president, Colonel Assimi Goïta, head of the junta. Contrary to a previous version of the transition charter, […]

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