Footballers support communities face COVID-19 challenge in Africa

As coronavirus pandemic is spreading in Africa, governments take various measures including curfew and lockdown in some big cities to stop the disease. Thousands of people are affected by these measures and needs for food and medical supports become urgent. In order to help populations in Africa, banks, NGOs, governments as well as individuals are offering their supports. Former Barcelona and AS Roma midfielder Seydou Keita has made a food donation worth $50,000 to help out vulnerable families in his native Mali. The ex-Mali captain’s donation is expected to cater for about 600 families in the capital city Bamako and includes 557 bags of rice, 611 bags of millet, 300 bags of sugar and more than 100 gallons of oil.

Before this action of Keita, other soccer players have offered their help. Sadio Mane and Didier Drogba are some of the current and former footballers joined by Keita in contributing to African communities in cash or material as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic continues.

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