Coronavirus: Health sector severely hit in Algeria

The health sector in Algeria is being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic that killed 18 health care employees and contaminated more than 100 others.

The figures provided by the Health Ministry bring up again the problem of the lack of prevention means in the hospital environment, which is supposed to be a bulwark against the epidemic. Medical and paramedical personnel, at the forefront of the fight against this disease, have repeatedly stepped up to the plate to protest against the flagrant lack of protective equipment against the coronavirus.

The health department is considering to extend a bonus to the most at risk personnel.

The Covid19 pandemic in Algeria spreads since February 25, when an Italian national tested positive for the virus.
Confirmed cases now number over 2810, including 392 deaths, the highest fatality rate in Africa.

To avoid a similar case, in Lagos, Nigeria, 17 private hospitals were closed by local authorities because they do not have the appropriate equipment to face up the virus.