Malian President proposes a government of national unity to end crisis

In Mali, solutions are multiplying in an attempt to resolve the political crisis. Thus, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta received Saturday in Bamako representatives of parties of the presidential majority, with whom the idea of forming a government of national unity was discussed.

President IBK who is concerned about the political crisis in his country discussed with the representatives of parties of the presidential majority the formation of a government of national unity that can facilitate the implementation of reforms in the country.

According to several sources, there will be no room for taboo subjects. These include the reforms needed to end the crisis, the future of the Constitutional Court, which is also facing an unprecedented crisis – at least four of the nine wise men have already tendered their resignation – and the case of the National Assembly, where the election of 31 deputies drafted by the Constitutional Court after having been declared defeated when the provisional results were announced by the Malian Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly, former Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who heads a grouping of parties that are heavyweights in the presidential majority, said that during the meeting, the President exposed his point of view, and made an offer of a government of national unity. He proposed to all political sensitivities to meet within this executive in order to carry out the necessary reforms that could avoid similar episodes in the country.

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