Chad: An officer sentenced to five years imprisonment escaped

It is an unusual incident that took place, this Thursday morning, at the courthouse of Ndjamena. An officer sentenced to five years imprisonment was taken from the gendarmes who were guarding him by members of his family. They then managed to leave the courthouse.
The man is an army colonel who has been in detention since August and was prosecuted after a fight that caused unrest in a market in the capital. This Thursday, when the verdict sentencing him to five years in prison was announced, the officer got angry with the magistrate and managed to leave the box of the accused to join his family, who took him away in a vehicle. The car left the courthouse under the youyous of the women who had come to support the officer under the amazed gaze of the audience.
In the wake of this, the President of the Bar Association asked his colleagues to interrupt the work. The magistrates’ union calls a general assembly for Friday.
The president of the Chadian League for Human Rights, Mr. Loalngar Maxvelt, was the first to react, demanding that the fugitive be found as soon as possible and that the accomplices in his escape be brought to justice. “The government must give us proof that justice does not work at two speeds,” he added.
Especially since the same fugitive was caught for attempted escape. On August 9, while in pre-trial detention, the officer managed to board a plane to Egypt and it took the prompt reaction of the prosecutor for the plane to be recalled.

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