Sudan: Khartoum police chief dismissed for controversial statement over law against women

Khartoum’s police chief created a controversy last week by calling for the return of the public order laws. These controversial laws were created under the former Islamic regime and contained numerous restrictions often used against women. These words had caused an outcry that eventually cost him his position as the first policeman of the Sudanese capital.
After his controversial remarks, Lieutenant General Issa Adam Ismael was transferred to the offices of the Ministry of Interior. A new police chief in Khartoum was appointed on Sunday.
Last week, the deposed officer had called for the return of the Public Order Laws, repealed in November 2019. For him, it was about fighting crime but also to stop what he called “negative practices”, citing as an example the way women dressed since the fall of the dictatorship. The lieutenant-general also stressed the importance of preserving traditions and protecting families.
These statements caused an outcry, especially on social networks. These laws contained a series of restrictions inspired by sharia law and their application was mainly aimed at women who were arrested, imprisoned or whipped.
Amira Osman of No to the Oppression of Women said the call showed that the old regime was still present in the institutions, and that there was a need for a campaign to remove the police officers associated with the dictatorship.
In response to the scandal, the Ministry of the Interior distanced itself from Issa Adam Ismael’s comments, saying it was committed to “supporting the popular will to implement change.
The prosecutor added that under the guise of these laws, human rights were being violated and women humiliated. Given the unanimity, it is not surprising that the police chief lost his job.