Nigerian civil servants now have 14 days of paternity leave

A 14-day paternity leave has been approved for civil servants in Nigeria. The government has increased maternity leave from 3 months to 4 since June 2018. The country joins Kenya, and some other African countries.
On September 30, paternity leave came into effect in Nigeria. Fathers will now be able to take 14 days of leave to care for their newborns. The government’s move is welcomed by women.
“For a woman who has just given birth, when you see your husband and your new baby around you, it is very comforting and makes you happy,” says Grace Peter, who got married just three months ago. A sentiment shared by Progress Ogbeife, who works for a private company. She calls on non-governmental agencies operating in Nigeria to follow the example of the federal government.
Paternal leave is considered an important period for the development of the child and the consolidation of the parental bond according to Abiodun Amao. This paternity leave is granted both for natural births and for the adoption of a baby under four months old.