Guinea junta says ex-President at home with his wife

Former President Alpha Conde was transferred to his wife’s residence in the suburbs of Conakry, according to a statement by the National Rally Committee for Development (CNRD) read on Monday 29 November on public television. Since he was overthrown by a coup on 5 September, Alpha Conde was kept “in a safe place” by the military. Alpha Condé benefits from a “treatment worthy of his rank without any international pressure”, insists the CNRD.
According to several sources, Alpha Conde was transferred from Mohamed V Palace to the home of the former First Lady on Sunday night. In this residence, located in the suburbs of Conakry, the former president has more space. This house was previously vacant. It is now guarded by two armoured vehicles of the security forces.
Alpha Condé is still entitled to the services of his cook and access to his personal doctor, but for the rest, restrictions remain numerous. He is not allowed to go out and still does not have access to a telephone, says one of his advisers.
With less than ten days to go before the ECOWAS summit, this transfer is undoubtedly a signal of appeasement to West African leaders, who have imposed economic sanctions on CNRD officials. ECOWAS heads of state are still demanding clarification on the duration of the transition.

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