Burkina: Political parties ready to accompany the junta

In Burkina Faso, the head of the junta met yesterday with political party leaders. The new strong man of the country explained to them the context of the advent of the MPSR, Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration and asked for their support.
Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba exchanged with leaders of the former presidential majority, the former leader of the opposition, the former non-affiliated opposition and representatives of other parties.
“The Head of State briefly told us the objective that led them to act and the objectives to be achieved in the short term, that is, to bring peace and security to the Burkinabe. We said that as an ex-opposition, we will contribute in a patriotic spirit. Today we are living with 8 million poor people, one million five hundred thousand displaced people and it continues to shoot but maybe by then, it will change,” said Eddie Komboigo, president of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), former opposition.
“We are ready to work with the junta to succeed in its mission of recovery. Because there are things that are not going well, if there is someone today who takes power in the name of the people, to relieve the people’s pain, we can only accompany him,” explained Amadou Diemdioda Dicko, vice-president of the Union for Progress and Change (UPC), a party close to the People’s Movement for Progress (MPP), the former majority that has shown its willingness to accompany the junta.
As for the ex-majority, which was led by Alassane Bama Sakandé, former Speaker of Parliament, it did not want to express itself at the end of the meeting. So most political parties, civil society organizations and trade unions show their willingness to accompany the military in power.

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