Burkina Faso: Dozens of residents of Madjoari killed by unidentified men

The governor of the eastern region of Burkina Faso said that about 50 people were killed by unidentified gunmen as they fled the eastern township of Madjoari. The attack, which occurred on Wednesday, May 25, primarily targeted men.

The victims had decided to go to Nadiagou, in the commune of Pama, to escape threats from armed groups. But in their flight, they came across unidentified armed individuals in the forest at the Singou bridge, explained a survivor. The elderly were released, while the others were interrogated. According to the survivor’s account, the gunmen began shooting those who did not answer the questions.

Several sources, including Colonel Hubert Yameogo, governor of the eastern region, report that about 50 people died. All men. “All the men who leave Madjoari for Nadiagou are systematically arrested, but the women are not bothered,” said one resident. It is very difficult to know the total number of people intercepted, a local source said. About 900 people were still living in Madjoari despite the increase in attacks.

This massacre follows several attacks against the population and the armed forces. On May 14, 17 civilians were killed by armed men. Five days later, the military detachment in Madjoari was attacked, killing 11 people and wounding several others.


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