Diplomatic row between Paris and Ouagadougou

In Burkina Faso, comments made by the French ambassador, Luc Hallade, have angered and created controversy to such an extent that some civil society organizations and political actors are demanding his departure.
Even though they date back to 5 July, Ambassador Luc Hallade’s remarks are still generating passion and anger in Faso, almost three weeks after the events. At the time, the diplomat was briefing senators in France.
According to correspondence from the Burkina Faso Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he stated that ‘the absence of results is causing growing frustration in the country and that this endogenous conflict is, in reality, a civil war: part of the population is rebelling against the state and seeking to overthrow it’.
A few days later, during the commemoration of the French bank holidays in Ouagadougou, the diplomat again attacked certain Internet users whom he described as “idiots” who accused his country, which is engaged in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel, without proof.
This was the last straw.
“He believes he is on conquered and acquired ground, that is what we denounce today. We want a review of the partnership agreements with France,” said Monique Yeli Kam, candidate in the 2020 presidential election.
The exit of the French ambassador is clumsy and is a flagrant violation of elementary principles in diplomatic relations, according to Paul Oumarou Koalaga, specialist in international relations.
The French diplomat was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was “clearly told” that his remarks were unacceptable.
Ambassador Luc Hallade defended himself on Thursday in Ouagadougou. He said he defied anyone to find in his speech, this time of 14 July, the slightest trace of insult to the Burkinabè.

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