DRC: François Beya granted provisional release

The military justice of the Democratic Republic of Congo decided Tuesday to grant “provisional freedom” to François Beya, the “Mr. Security” of President Felix Tshisekedi prosecuted for plotting against the Head of State, said his defense.
“The High Military Court has finally granted provisional release to our client François Beya for health reasons,” in response to a request by the defence, said his lawyer John Kaboto.
“Our client is also allowed to seek treatment in an appropriate hospital facility, either in the country or abroad. He is asked to simply make the request,” Kaboto added.
“However, the hearings are continuing normally in the trial for conspiracy and offence against the person of the Head of State, violation of orders and incitement of the military to commit acts contrary to duty and discipline,” he added.
Head of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) under former President Joseph Kabila (2001-2019), Beya became Félix Tshisekedi’s special adviser on security in 2019.
He was arrested on 5 February by the National Intelligence Agency (ANR), which held him incommunicado before transferring him two months later to Makala, the largest prison in the Congolese capital.

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