Cape Verde prepares plan to pay debts of 32 million euros to ECOWAS

Cape Verde’s Deputy Prime Minister Olavo Correia said Wednesday that the government is negotiating a plan to repay a 32 million euro debt to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), accumulated over several years.
“It is an amount that is being negotiated with ECOWAS, as you know, the country is facing a difficult context, it was not paid because of the budgetary constraints that we are facing today,” responded the Finance Minister, when asked on the sidelines of an event in the city of Praia.
The reaction of the number two in the Cape Verdean government comes a day after the Cape Verdean deputy and vice-president of parliament for that organization, Orlando Dias, revealed, after leaving a meeting with the President of the Republic, José Maria, that Cape Verde has a debt of about 32 million euros to that regional organization, accumulated over about 20 years.
Olavo Correia said that the government led by Ulisses Correia e Silva has been negotiating with the organization to find a plan that allows the country to pay this debt.

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