Higher education teachers start strike in Angola

Everything stopped as of yesterday at the public university of Angola, with teachers entering into another strike because, according to the National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SINPES), the Executive has not honored the commitments.
The Government has reacted and today, the 25th, the negotiations between the Ministry of Higher Education and SINPES will start in order to reach an understanding on the four points that are on the table.
The Angolan Students Movement (MEA) understands that this time the teachers are right and have already written to the President of the Republic to warn about the danger of this strike.
The previous strike was in May and the teachers decided to suspend it after hearing appeals from students and the Catholic Church.
Since then, there has been no progress in the dispute between the union and the government, so the teachers returned to strike this Monday. Four points are on the teachers’ agenda, according to SINPES coordinator in the Luanda-Bengo region Carlinhos Zassala.
“The problem of a decent salary, the continuous training of teachers, health insurance and funds for scientific research,” says Zassala.

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