Angola: Teacher who led student demonstration suspended indefinitely

The teacher Diavava Bernardo, who led a demonstration of students against the lack of school desks, in Luanda, about two months ago, has been suspended again, but now for an indefinite period of time at the proposal of the instructor of the case against him.
The teacher was accused of organizing an unauthorized march and for material damage, allegedly for destruction of desks at the school.
Diavava’s lawyer says he has appealed the decision of the provincial delegate of the Director of the Provincial Office of Education of the Provincial Government of Luanda, Philomene Marie Brito Azevedo José Carlos the Professor Diavava Bernardo last October 24, but only now revealed.
This suspension is different from the first one, which lasted only four days and occurred “during the disciplinary process.
Francisco Mota said that the defense has already appealed against the administrative decision of the director of the Office of Education of the Provincial Government of Luanda. The president of the Angolan Students Movement (MEA) condemned the suspension, which he described as “a bucket of cold water.
“We knew about the wickedness of this government, but we didn’t know it would come to this”, said Francisco Teixeira.