Guinea-Bissau: Electoral process begins with registration on December 10

The anticipated legislative elections still have no date set. But voter registration should begin within a month, announced the Minister of Territorial Administration of Guinea-Bissau, Fernando Gomes.
Guinea-Bissau’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Fernando Gomes, stressed this Thursday at a press conference that he was complying with the provisions of the law, which states that the date of voter registration of citizens must be announced 30 days before.
“Article 21 of law number 11/2013 stipulates that the Government, through the competent department, must announce the date of the start of voter registration 30 days before. We are here today, precisely, to fulfill the formalities by announcing that the date of the start of voter registration, throughout the national territory as well as in the diaspora, will take place on December 10 of the current year,” he said.
The governor took the opportunity to “launch a vibrant appeal” to the citizens with electoral capacity to attend the registration places to be announced, and to the political parties to promote actions that make the electoral process “an orderly, civic and peaceful act”.
Gomes noted that any party that wins the elections “will always be a Guinean party,” so he stressed the need for the process to take place “in peace and tranquility.
“We will, once again, demonstrate to the world that the Guinean people are an orderly and peaceful people. The Minister of Territorial Administration also said that the Guinean President, Umaro Sissoco Embal√≥, will “opportunely” announce the date on which the anticipated legislative elections will take place, as mandated by the Constitution of the Republic, he said.

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